Mt Sinai (Law) and Mt Zion (Grace)

Mt Sinai (Law) and  Mt Zion (Grace)
Mt Sinai (Law) and Mt Zion (Grace)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Exodus: Real History

Everyone has seen "The Ten Commandments", I mean Charlton Heston is Moses. But, is there any proof of the movement of all the Hebrews out of Egypt?

We have shown that Moses lived in ancient Midian, which is Saudi Arabia today. Moses was 40 years old when he fled Egypt. He lived with his father-in-law, Jethro, for 40 years in the desert country of South Western Saudi Arabia.

One day while in the high desert country, he saw a bush burning on top of Mt. Horeb, the Mountain of God. Though burning, it was not consumed.

The mountain pictured here is about 22 miles East North East from Al Bad, Saudi Arabia, which is where Moses dwelt  at Jethro's. Tradition has Mt. Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, however, the evidence does not support this. Mt. Horeb and Sinai seem to be regularly interchanged, but I believe that Horeb is an area and Sinai a mountain that is there. Regardless the mountain is called Jabel El Laws (the mountain of the Law or Almond).
Whether this ancient Almond tree is the burning bush or not, is up for speculation.

When Moses approached the burning bush, God spoke to him from it. He told Moses that he heard the cry of His people and that Moses would be His messenger to deliver them and take them to the land that He had promised Abraham over 400 years before, Genesis 15. Moses was a little unsure of himself and reluctant for this great mission, and he had a speech impediment. But God assured him that He would teach Moses what to say, and He let Aaron, Moses' brother, go with him for support, Exodus 3-4. Moses' sister, wife and sons went also.

When they got to Egypt, Moses and Aaron gathered all the elders of Israel and told them that God was going to deliver them from their task masters and take them to the land that God had promised their father Abraham.

Is so doing, he showed them miraculous signs from God and they believed God and Moses. Pharaoh was a different story. He was very powerful and said why should he have any respect for the God of Israel? Moses had asked that his people be able to go into the desert and worship the Lord. So Pharaoh (most think Ramses 1400 BC) increased their hardships.

God brought many plagues upon Egypt to force Pharaoh to let the people go, but the last one was the death of the first born of every family, and animal in Egypt. Passover was initiated which was the blood of a lamb placed on the border of the doors of the people of Israel, of which when the angel of death came he passed over the houses with the blood covering them and no one inside was harmed. Every house in Egypt lost at least one person that night, Exodus 12-13.

This was picture of the salvation of God that would take place when Jesus, the Lamb of God would give His blood and life for the world.

This great event of Passover was a prelude to God's plan of salvation for mankind, for after Jesus gave His life and died for our sins, God raised Him from the dead and He lives forevermore. Hallelujah!

After the first born deaths, of which Pharaoh lost his son and heir, Pharaoh let the people go. The Hebrews left to the East in great number and camped on the North part of the Sinai Peninsula which the Bible calls the wilderness of the Red Sea; the Y at the top of the Red Sea that forms the Sinai Peninsula has Gulf of Suez on the West and Gulf of Aqaba on the East. Here God came to them in the form of a Pillar of Fire by night and a Pillar of Smoke by day. Israel would follow as God lead, the smoke giving shade in the hot sun, and the fire giving heat and light in the cool nights. Moses took the bones of Joseph with them, for Joseph knew that God would take his people out of Egypt and had said to take his bones with them.

The theory that the "Sea of Reeds" which is North of Suez is the location of the Red Sea crossing is not correct, as we will show.

Here is a approximate route that Israel took across the Sinai Peninsula.

I know that the traditional Mt. Sinai is at the Southern tip of the peninsula, but there is not archaeological evidence to support this. When the Children of Israel reached the West side of the Gulf of Aqaba they had no place to go. The Pharaoh had second thoughts of letting them go and knew they were "entangled in the land" with no retreat so he assembled his army of 600 chariots and went after Moses and the people. They were camped next to the Red Sea where Nuweiba is today. Nuweiba's ancient meaning is where the waters opened for Moses. There is a canyon that dumps into the sea there with a beach and mountains on the North and South.

Canyon leading to beach.

Mountains to the North.

Mountains to the South.

They were trapped and afraid for their scouts had seen the Egyptian army coming down the canyon. But, God moved the Pillar of Fire in the mouth of the canyon and held the Egyptians all night. Moses told them God was a God of war and would save them.

Moses at God's command then stretched his rod over the sea and and a strong wind blew all night and divided the sea and caused dry land.

At Nuweiba is a natural land bridge that is about 100-200 feet at the deepest point crossing the Gulf of Aqaba. The rest of the sea on both sides is 400 feet deep or better. The Bible says that the Children of Israel crossed the sea on dry land with a wall of water on each side, Exodus 14.

If they walked 100 people abreast every 3 seconds, they could get 2.8 million people across in 24 hrs. When the last of Israel was across, the Pillar of Fire moved across to Israel and the Egyptian army attempted the crossing. The waters closed on them and they drowned. They could not swim with all their armor and God sent angels to take off their wheels and trouble them. Israel saw the dead along the sea shore and believed and feared the Lord.

Ron Wyatt found many artifacts that gives evidence to this miraculous event in the 1970s.

Chariot wheels East of Nuweiba in the Red Sea (Aqaba) on the land bridge.

                   Gold covered Royal chariot wheel.
                          Chariot axle.

Human femur found crossing site.

Horse hoof found in Red Sea crossing site.

Ron Wyatt also found a large rock pillar in the waters edge and showed the authorities at the time. It was ancient and had some writing on it, but most had been worn off. The authorities cemented it in the ground and realized it was part of history. On the Saudi Arabia side, however, Mr. Wyatt found the twin of the pillar which had the original Hebrew inscribed telling how God had saved Israel at the Red Sea crossing. The pillars were set up by Solomon, son of David, when he was king to mark this spot.

Ron Wyatt was arrested with his sons by the Saudis and charged with being an Israeli spy. When he showed them the pillar, and said he was no spy but an archaeologist, they let him go, but took the pillar. They set up a marker where it was on the East side of the Gulf of Aqaba across from Nuweiba.

Close up of the Red Sea crossing site.

Next time we will follow Israel into the wilderness, which is in Saudi Arabia, and see more evidence of the truth of the Bible, that the Exodus was absolutely fact.

Many of these pictures came from Google Earth. Others are paintings off the web.

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  1. The man's photo by the Pole was taken in 97' by a woman named Vivica from Sweden that worked on the truth behind the Red Cross Crossing and other biblical stories to prove their existence.
    The group that Vivica was a part of is possibly still working to debunk the truths and the myths.