Mt Sinai (Law) and Mt Zion (Grace)

Mt Sinai (Law) and  Mt Zion (Grace)
Mt Sinai (Law) and Mt Zion (Grace)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Into Sinai and God's Total Presence...

As God's plan unfolds, we see Israel moving. From the camp at Horeb, the Children of Israel were guided to the wilderness of Sinai.

In the wilderness of Sinai, the people dwelt for some time. They had been led here. God wanted them here. Here they heard Him for themselves.

In this valley they camped with the Holy Mountain in view. Here is where God spoke to them in the thunder, lightning, and fire. Exodus 19

God told Moses to set up boundary markers around Mt. Sinai so they did not approach too close and be killed. They are still there.

The Holy Mountain still has a singeing of the rock at the top where God Himself descended and gave Moses the 10 commandments and the rest of the Law or Torah (1st 5 books of the Bible). Exodus 20


Moses made an altar to worship God at the foot of the mountain, and it is still there. Exodus 24

Remember that this mountain is called Jabel El Laws in Saudi Arabia. It is not the traditional Mt. Sinai on the Egyptian side of the Gulf of Aqaba. Yet this one has the evidence.

Moses was a long time up on the Holy Mount talking with God and receiving His Word. During the time he was gone the people became inpatient and pushed Aaron into building a golden calf and they built an altar and worshiped it as the "god" that led them out of Egypt. Exodus 32

I have seen pictures such as this and thought that the altar was relatively small. However the altar is there and is as big as a house.

You can see the fence that the Saudis have erected, not only here but across the valley leading to Sinai.

You can imagine the people dancing and worshiping this false god. Look at the petroglyphs of cows along the top of this altar.

God spoke to Moses on the Mount and told him to get down for the people had corrupted themselves.

Moses was angry and broke the tablets of stone from the Lord.

Many people were killed and many plagued over the making and worship of the golden calf. Moses burned the calf and ground the ashes into powder and made the people drink it. God still was forgiving and promised them the land flowing with milk and honey. Exodus 32 and 33

Before we judge the actions of the Hebrews too harshly, we must remember that they had been many generations in Egypt where this type of worship was common. The god Hathor was a female that also was depicted as a cow, giving life. There were many Egyptian gods.

Plus, we know the commandments  that God set forth, yet we still put things in our lives above God.

The Word teaches us that all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, Romans 3:23. We all need the Grace of God and the forgiveness and life that comes only through God's salvation in Jesus Christ.

The stories told of the Exodus in the Bible are true because this book is inspired by God and reliable truth. In the last few blogs I wanted to show you the evidence that is out there.

Further study should include Ron Wyatt's research at, and Youtube.

All of the pictures here came from Google Earth and the Internet.

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