Mt Sinai (Law) and Mt Zion (Grace)

Mt Sinai (Law) and  Mt Zion (Grace)
Mt Sinai (Law) and Mt Zion (Grace)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Signs in the Heavens

When God designed the heavens around us, they were wonderfully fashioned to show us many revelations. Time, the seasons, discovery of the universe, were all made for us by where the earth is in relationship to our Milky Way galaxy, distance from the sun, and the view of we are able to see.

Gn 1:14 ¶  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
15  And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

The sun, moon, and planets all follow the same path in the sky called the epileptic. Along this epileptic path are 12 constellations which we call the Zodiac. The Bible calls them the Mazzeroth.

The sun, moon, and visible planets are where we get the names of the days of the week.
Sunday- Sun (Hammah)
Monday- Moon (Levanah)
Tuesday- Mars (Ma'adim)
Wednesday- Mercury (Kokhav)
Thursday- Jupiter (Tzedeq)
Friday- Venus (Kokhevet)
Saturday- Saturn (Sabbath)

The Mazzeroth is from the Bible times and ancient and way before Astrology, which came from Babylon.

Each of the 12 constellations are named from antiquity and proclaim the story of God's plan of Salvation through Jesus the Christ. The ancient names of the stars relate the story. Other constellations in the night sky tell of the conflict and defeat of Satan by Jesus (see my blog: Jesus Defeats Satan in the Stars).

Basic meanings:
Virgo- virgin mother of Jesus the Messiah the uplifted one
Libra- man is weighed and found lacking- needs Saviour who paid the price, or God's justice
Scorpio- ancient eagle, the wounding
Sagittarius- the Gracious One who conquers
Capricorn- the slaying of the dual man/God
Aquarius- the One who gives us the Water of Life
Pisces- He who comes for the Old and New Churches
Aries- the One who judges the Churches, Sacrificial Ram
Taurus- charging Bull, Captain of our Salvation, sacrificial Ox
Gemini- God and man, Ruler and Judge coming to suffer
Cancer- the hiding place for the gathered Seed
Leo- King of Kings, lion from the tribe of Judah

The moon is full every 30 days. The ancient calendar of the Bible record is 12 lunar months a year, or 360 days. An extra month was added periodically to keep the year aligned with the seasons. The moon gives the earth stability and gives us the tides and tectonic plate movement. The design of the moon's rotation is so we always see the same side.

The earth rotates so we have a 24 hour day. Bible days started at sunset till sunset the next day.

Earth's orbit around the sun gives us a a year of 365.25 days which because of our precise axis tilt of 23.5 degrees gives us 4 seasons. Even though our Gregorian calendar is very close, we have to add a leap day every 4 years.

The spring, summer, fall, and winter solstices are aligned with the Zodiac in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. These 4 sides of the Zodiac are truly unique and represent many things including; Seraphim Angels, the Gospels, and characteristics of the Lord Jesus Christ (see my blog, The Seraphim of God- Scorpio = Eagle).

The Master who designed the heavens and the earth, made the visual appearance of the sun and moon to be the same size, even though millions of miles apart.

This enables us to have periodic solar eclipses and study the corona of the sun, and just enjoy the event.

Because the relative size being the same for our observance of the sun and moon, when the moon passes in front of the sun, we get the solar eclipse.

The full solar eclipse can be seen along a path on the earth's surface which can be calculated so we can know when and where it is going to happen.

There is a wider area path in which a partial solar eclipse can be seen with proper eye protection. Proper eye protection has to be used anytime when viewing a solar eclipse. However, for the brief time that a solar eclipse is total, it can be viewed with the naked eye.

Here is a time lapse picture of the partial solar eclipse leading up to the total solar eclipse and then the partial solar eclipse as the moon retreats.

A lunar eclipse is when the earth gets between the sun and the moon and casts its shadow on the full moon.

The moon gets dimmer and pinkish during the approach to totality. When it is in total lunar eclipse, the moon turns red. This is known as a blood moon, from the Bible.

Here is a time lapse showing the moon stages of eclipse before, during, and after a total lunar eclipse.

Many of you probably know these basic things, but many of you do not. I went over these to let you know that the cycles of solar and lunar eclipses can be calculated so we know when and where they will happen. These cycles can be found on the NASA website.

When there are 2 total lunar eclipses, then usually a total solar eclipse, then 2 more total lunar eclipses, it is referred to as a tetrad. Even these can be accurately predicted.

Rarer is when a tetrad falls on the Feasts of the Lord. These are: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Pentecost in the spring and Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles in the fall.

Lv 23:4 ¶  These are the feasts of the LORD, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons.

Peter had this to say about what happened on the Day of Pentecost:
Act 2: 16  But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;
17  And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
18  And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:
19  And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:
20  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:

21  And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of Jehovah cometh.

Now this sounds scary, and so it should. But, we have yet to see the completed "Day of the Lord" come to its fulfillment as we read in Revelation.

So lets go back into history and see what happened in the tetrads that occurred on the Feasts of the Lord.

Tetrads in the last 525 years that fell on Feasts of the Lord:

Columbus, Jews expelled from Spain, Inquisition
1493-1494: Apr 2, 1493; Sep 25, 1493; Apr 22, 1494; Sep 15 1494

The Spanish Inquisition had been in effect since 1478 instituted by Ferdinand II and Isabella I. Millions had been tortured and killed for heresy; many Jews, many Muslims. In Mar of 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain in the hundreds of thousands. On Aug 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed for the new world. He returned to Spain Mar 15, 1493, 2 days after Purim. He sailed the 2nd time on Sep 24, 1493, 2 days after Trumpets and returned on Aug 20, 1494. It is debated that Columbus may have been of Jewish origin.

William Tyndale was born in 1494. In 1536 he was martyred  for his work on Bible translations by the Catholic Church. Convicted of heresy, he was strangled and burned at the stake. His last words were "Lord, open the king of England's eyes". Tyndale's work led as one of the major contributors to the King James Bible and getting God's word to the people.

Israel born

1949-1950: Apr 13, 1949; Oct 7, 1949; Apr 2, 1950; Sep 26, 1950.  This tetrad was preceded by 2 lunar eclipses: a partial on Passover Apr 23, 1948 and a penumbral on Tabernacles on Oct 18, 1948.

May 14, 1948 the State of Israel was established. David Ben-Gurion was the first to sign. their Declaration of Independence. The next day, the 1917 British Mandate of Palestine terminated and Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, and Iraq all invaded Israel. Jan 25, 1949 David Ben-Gurion elected Prime Minister of Israel. May 11, 1949 Israel admitted to United Nations as the 59th member. 1949 Armistice agreements signed with all of the attacking Arab countries and Israel grows in land area by 50%. Oct 21, 1949 Benjamin Netanyahu born. Jan 23, 1950 Israel Knesset passed resolution that Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel. Jul 5, 1950 the Law of Return passed where people of the world of Jewish descent can go to Israel and become citizens. Jan 28, 1949 Dead Sea Scrolls cave re-discovered after the Bedouin shepherds had found scroll remnants in Nov 1946 and Feb 1947 and the cave was lost in Qumran.

Israel takes Jerusalem, 6 Day War
1967-1968: Apr 24, 1967; Oct 18, 1967; Apr 13 1968; Oct 6, 1968. 

The 6 Day War took place Jun 5-10, 1967. Israel takes the Gaza Strip from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the West Bank from Jordan. Jerusalem is now back in Israeli hands after 1897 years.
Jun 10, 1967 Israel demolished the Maroccan Quarter in the SE Old City Jerusalem to make a plaza in front of the Western Wall for easy access to worship. Jun 17, 1967 Israel transfers day to day control of the Temple Mount to Islamic Waqf. Jun 28, 1967 Israel annexes E Jerusalem. The Arab residents are given permanent resident status. Sep 1, 1967 Khartoum Resolution from the Arab League in Sudan which stated: No peace with Israel. No recognition of Israel. No negotiations with Israel. 

Mt 24:32 ¶  Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:
33  So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
34  Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
35  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Ho 9:10  I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness; I saw your fathers as the firstripe in the fig tree at her first time: but they went to Baalpeor, and separated themselves unto that shame; and their abominations were according as they loved.

Our latest tetrad on the Feasts of the Lord 2014-2015: Apr 15, 2014; Oct 8, 2014; Apr 4, 2015; Sep 28, 2015.

Events that surround 2014-2015 Tetrad:

Jupiter/Venus conjunction 4 BC in Leo (Dn9 prophecy of Messiah 445BC to AD32, 483 yrs), 10-23-15 Cancer, 8-27-16 Virgo, 11-13-17 in Virgo. The Star of Bethlehem.
The Star of Bethlehem was probably a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, the brightest planets in the sky. There was one in 2 BC, probably that seen by the Magi in Leo.

Oct Nov Dec of 2016 all had Super Moons…Nov was the largest Super Moon in 70 years

Nov 2016, Donald John Trump elected POTUS
2017 was Israel date 5777, Hey Zayin Zayin Zayin ( Grace and 3 weapons) Mal 4:4-5 Remember (large Zayin) the law of Moses
President Trump was 70 yrs 7 mo 7 days when he took office as President (June 14, 1946 BD)

7-17-17 Jews able to pray on the Temple Mount after being banned for years
8-21-17 Solar eclipse across the US, 7 cities named Salem in the path

Pictures of  eclipse that I took from Torrington, Wy.

9-23-17 Prophetic Sign of Revelation 12 appears. A one time event that has never happened or will not happen for the next few thousand years. 

3 major hurricanes follow eclipse, western US wildfires, Las Vegas concert shooting, TX Church shooting.  
                                                                  Irma hurricane FL

                                                                 Harvey hurricane TX

                                                              Irma, Jose, Katia

                                                                US Wildfires


12-6-17 President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Eternal Capitol of Israel and ordered our US Embassy moved from TelAviv to Jerusalem. 10 other countries follow (5-3-18). Coin minted in Israel with Trump/Cyrus. Cyrus was the Persian King who allowed the Jews to rebuild Jerusalem in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.

12-8-17 Last day of Hanukkah, UN votes to condemn Jerusalem as Capitol

You can see significant things that happened in 2017, mostly to the USA. Yet President Trump's decisions to stay friends with Israel and move our Embassy to Jerusalem and proclaim it the eternal Capitol of Israel was very significant. All of the signs in the heavens for the last 2000 years that have aligned the tetrads with the Feasts of the Lord have had significant events that happened. I only brought up the latest 4. There are 4 other tetrads on the Feasts of the Lord that happened since Jesus Christ was on earth,  each with significant Historical events.

Briefly these blood moons and tetrads were:

32-33 AD;  2 total blood moons   Crucifixion    2 partial blood moons.

70 AD  2 Penumbral.  Aug 70 2nd Temple destroyed.  73 Masada

162-163 Tetrad – Spring of 162 Tiber river floods Rome with massive destruction.
            165-180- plague thru Rome, possibly smallpox
            161-168- Christians martyred brutally in Coliseum under Marcus Aurelius.

795-796 Tetrad- Charlemagne, King of the Franks, set up defense to stop Muslim invasion between France and Spain. This Marca Hispanica halted the expansion of Islam into Europe. He was crowned "King of the Holy Roman Empire".
Jews were left alone until Charlemagne’s death, then Catholicism took over and the Jews lost many freedoms.

842-843 Tetrad- Aug 846 Muslims sack Rome after several years of attacks on the Catholic empire.

860-861 Tetrad- 859; 48 Christians Martyred by Muslims in Cordoba (modern Spain). 863 Battle of Lalakaon fought in Paphlagonia (coast of Black Sea) by invading Muslims and Byzantine Empire.

Muslims continued to conquer until they had all the countries around the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. This became the Ottoman Empire and remained until WWI.

Next solar eclipse in US will be 4-8-24 and will make a cross going N to S over the W to E path of the 8-21-17 eclipse. The last eclipse that went across the US preceded many events. What do you suppose the next will bring when a "Cross" is formed on the USA?

The next tetrad on the Feasts of the Lord won't be for 546 years;  2564-2565.


Comets are another sign in the heavens. Sometimes they have been associated with calamity. Regardless they are beautiful to view.


                                                                   Hally's in 1986

                                                                    Holmes 1992

                                                                  Hyakutake 1996

                                                                    Hale Bopp 1997

                                                                     Lovejoy 2011

Some believe that a comet struck the earth and killed the dinosaurs. The Bible teaches that there was a flood prior to Adam. I believe that that is when they were killed.

Some also say that a comet strike may end our planet. The Bible has another story of a renewed earth that is the headquarters of Heaven where God lives.

God has designed our solar system with gas giant planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The gravity of these giants pulls wayward comets and probably asteroids into them which protects us on earth.

This was witnessed in 1994 when comet Levi Shoemaker 9 entered our solar system.

The gravity of Jupiter pulled the comet in and broke it apart as it approached the giant. You can see the craters on Jupiter from the impact. One of these craters is larger than the earth.

Here are some more pictures of the impact of Levi Shoemaker 9 into Jupiter in 1994.

Truly our God is awesome. He let us know in His Word what was going to happen and it has never been wrong. He set us up here on earth, the perfect place for humans to observe and learn and prosper.

The Bible warning of the Day of the Lord in which the moon will be turned to blood...

....and the sun turned black as sackcloth....

...has not happened as yet. How do I know? Because Jesus is not ruling the planet as the Bible says He would after the Great Tribulation. I believe the times are close. All of the tetrads and solar eclipses that have happened since Jesus was on the earth have been accompanied with significant events, as I have shown you. This is not by chance. God is telling us of what is to happen.

God has told us in His Word, in His Creation, and by these signs of the things that will come to pass. Daniel, Joel, Zechariah, John, and other prophets have told us of the "time of Jacob's trouble" and the tribulation which are all set in the period called "the Day of the Lord". This is a time of wrath for those who have rejected God's redemption through His Son, Jesus.

All the Bible centers around Jesus and God's promise to redeem His people, Israel as well as the rest of the world that will accept Jesus as their Saviour and Messiah. The signs confirm what the Word tells us.

The Great Tribulation is a time of trouble that will never be matched. But through Jesus you can be saved from this time, and saved for all eternity. God has promised to come and rescue those who belong to Him (see my blog: Resurrection, Rapture, and Rescue).

Acts 2:20  The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the day of the Lord come, That great and notable day.
21  And it shall be, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

For those who are in Jesus the Christ, there is no wrath, or condemnation. Jesus took all of God's wrath for them at the sacrifice of His life at the cross.

Ro 8:1  There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.

Ro 5:9  Much more then, being now justified by his blood, shall we be saved from the wrath of God through him.

In God's Salvation and Peace there is:

  • Grace and favor
  • Being right with God
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Provision
  • Eternity with God
I invite you to join me and ask Jesus into your life as your Saviour and Lord.

If you enjoy my blogs, you will my book available at

All Bible quotes from KJV. Pictures from internet.

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